Happy Spring! It's that time of the year when we invest in our downtown neighborhood and bring it to life with colorful flowers and bright greenery. These streets belong to all of us and nothing demonstrates our Lima pride quite like the beauty of our springtime planters.

The Gardeners of Lima, the volunteer organization celebrating their 61st anniversary of beautifying Lima, will again fill your orders for downtown planters. They will prepare the soil and plant flowers in the downtown streetscape.

Businesses and individuals can donate to the Downtown Lima Planter Project. We all agree that an attractive downtown benefits everyone -- locals and visitors alike!


Planters are $40 and can be paid by clicking our PayPal link below or by sending a check to:

Downtown Lima, Inc.

144 S. Main Street

Ste. 201

Lima, OH  45801

Deadline is May 1st • Planters will be filled by Memorial Day (weather permitting)




144 S. Main Street • Ste. 201

Lima, OH  45801 • 419.222.2686

Thanks for submitting -- Please click PayPal link below to submit payment